• Water Treatment Service

Why Should IWTS Service my Water Treatment Plant?

Great Question i’m glad you asked IWTS is a leader in Water Treatment Servicing and Optimization, Our Team have been in around manufacturing, designing and servicing water treatment plants for 20 odd years, we know how they work and how they should be serviced, we will optimize your plant and ensure it works perfectly every time.

How can IWTS Make a difference?

With Water Treatment Plant Servicing small changes can make a big difference to your bottom line, better flocclants maybe, a bit more air or maybe a longer static mixer or that pump is running just a tad too fast and giving everything else a hard time, the list is endless a good service tech can make all the difference, and with IWTS we are all the difference.

Where too from here

Simple give us a buzz or drop us an email at sales@iwts.co requesting a free system inspection and recommendation, this free of charge visit will allow us to show you just where we can help, and maybe what isn’t working so well.
give us a holler on 1300 161 380